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I’ve said for a while back that I wanted to go to the “preachers chair” (preikestolen) with my BruteForce Sandbag (35kg, was a bit overloaded) just for fun. And now I finally did it! The best feeling with this is that I think that I’m the first (idiot) to actually do this… World first! Woho! But there was some trouble to find a day that matched with some friends of mine that wanted to join and a day where we didn’t have to much rain. We finally found a day, but it tooka couple of beers before we said “let’s go on Monday”!  But due to heavy rain we had to go on Tuesday…

Just want to say that I usually blog in Norwegian, but since I promised Keith from BFS some pictures from the trip, I’ve decided to write this post in English as well. 🙂

We left from Kristiansand 06 am and drove to the bottom of preikestolen, on the way we needed to take a little ferry and the trip took about 3 hours.  It was raining a lot on the way and there was thick fog. We didn’t know if we were able to see the lake from preikestolen, but we just wanted to complete this craziness. Luckily it almost stopped raining when we arrived and most of the fog disappeared.

Most of the way to the top was slippery and we had to walk in creeks, some mud and basically wet surfaces to reach preikestolen. That was very intense and I’ve had to focus all the time to where to step and keep balance. It was an amazing challenge that I might do again next year! The trip took about 1,5 hours each way and we spent one hour on the top with some coffee, bananas and water.

When we reached the top my legs was fine but I felt a bit exhausted around my neck and shoulders. A guy came to me reached his hand and said “congratulation”, this was amazing! Other people stopped me several times on the way and asked me what the heck I was doing or if I’ve had lost a bet. Telling them that I did it for fun just made them laughed 😀 One guy even asked if he could try to lift the bag, when I tried I laughed and say “you’re crazy”! Even some took pictures.

The trip down from preikestolen, was the worst part! Then I needed to support myself against the wall some places and therefore had to have the bag on one shoulder. Changing sides was getting very heavy in the end and my neck started to get pretty red…. And some places I’ve had to make small jumps to get down… 35kg can get pretty heavy then. My knees and leg muscles where hurting pretty much in the end but the pain went quick away after some rest when we got back to the car.

Well, the idea was crazy, but the experience was amazing! Big thanks to My Mad Methods for inspiration and BruteFroce Sandbag for delivering an amazing bag with outstanding quality! And ofcourse Aas and Moen for attending =)

Here are some pictures from the trip, and Keith: If you want some of the pictures in high-res quality, let me know 🙂